Your Right Hand

As a visual designer I aim to be the go to right hand to communicate your ideas and visions.

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Positive Gangs

A socially educative board game for youth. Be inspired to do good deeds.

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Th poster for the legendary electro festival in Sweden. The biggest of them all.

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I'm Your Right Hand in

Everyone has ideas that needs to be realized. I help creatives and businesses to realize the communication they strive for to make an visual impact.

Digital Design,

The digital integration into our life is inevitable and it needs a useful and beautiful exterior while communicating the internal values and goals. I make that happen.

Visual branding and

I define the visual foundation from the values and beliefs of a person or a business. The visual touch points with which the end-user interacts with the brand.


There should always be a greater meaning of any design, and that meaning is found in the research and analysis of values and belief, background and vision of an organization.

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Daniel!! Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y tu gran profesionalidad!! I Love work with you!!
(Thank you for your help and your great professionality).

Idep Barcelona | Pillar Torres.

Super daniel, que grande eres.
Me gustaaaaa

Idep Barcelona | Carles Fiestas, head of marketing

Looks amazing!

Dröm Stort | Kassim Nagwere, Founder and youth leader of Dröm Stort

Just wanted to say:
Insanely beautiful poster! You are awesome!

Arvikafestivalen | Emelie Envall, Production Manager

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